The Finest Coffee in London: A Guide to the City's Best Cafes

London is a city of coffee aficionados, and it's no wonder that it has some of the best coffee shops in the world. From cozy cafes to bustling roasteries, there's something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a quick cup of joe on the go or a place to relax and savor a cup of coffee, this guide will help you find the best coffee in London.

Omotesando Koffee

is one of the most popular coffee shops in London.

Located in Fitzrovia, this boutique cafe has become renowned for its modern Japanese pine architecture and its selection of single-origin beans, cold beer options, and matcha-based drinks. Their iced cappuccino with bubble milk froth is one of the best iced coffees in London. Don't forget to try their kashi, a delicious custard-based snack.

Prufrock Coffee

is another popular spot in London.

This small cafe near Harringay train station is always bustling, but its excellent service means you won't have to wait long. Prufrock isn't just popular because of its pet rabbit - it's also known for serving some of the best coffee in town. Crouch End is home to many great coffee shops, but Keeps Up is our top pick. This small cafe has long hours and consistently great coffee.

The bench seats in the front are perfect for having coffee and cake or for reading for a while, while the greenhouse area in the back provides more space and comfort when you want to relax. Monmouth Borough Market is another great spot for coffee and light snacks. This popular cafe is always busy during rush hour, so get there early in the morning or in the middle of the afternoon if you want to avoid the queues.

Allpress Coffee

has many locations around London, but their two-story Dalston Lane cafe and restaurant is their flagship store.

Not only do they have a coffee lab where you can learn all kinds of nerdy things about coffee, but they also have a spacious patio that's perfect when the sun is shining.

Climpson & Sons

is a popular cafe in Broadway Market that's almost always busy, especially on weekends. This artisanal roaster has a triangular table that's perfect for making friends over good coffee and great toasted scone sandwiches. If you can't wait in line on a Saturday, they also have a stall at the end of the street where the wait can be shorter.

Ozone Coffee Roasters is one of the best coffee shops in London and is known mainly for its excellent coffee. But don't forget that their big venues in Shoreditch and London Fields also serve pretty good food from early to late, making them just as good for a quick cup of joe as they are for working alone or enjoying a relaxed weekend brunch.


is another great spot for sampling some of London's best coffee. Located at 66 Great Titchfield St., this cafe has an orange-tinted interior and low-fidelity aesthetic that make it one of our favorite spots in London.

Finally, Nude Espresso in Spitalfields is not only known for its excellent coffee but also its vibrant ambiance - you can't miss its bright red storefront! Just off Brick Lane, this cafe serves some of the best coffee in London. London has no shortage of great coffee shops, so this list is by no means exhaustive. But these are some of our favorite spots for getting a good cup of joe in London.

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